I’ve been professionally involved in the web & web-application development industry since 2006, and have worked with clients all around the world, including start-ups, established agencies, universities, government bodies and multinational corporations. My focus has been growing and leading small development teams in building high-traffic in-house & third-party client projects and enterprise-level applications.

My interests include back- & front-end application development, data-driven approaches to product development, market research & analysis, project architecture, and team leadership.

While I specialize in PHP, MySQL & Drupal CMS development, I have documented expertise in all areas of the project life-cycle, from conception and requirements gathering, to project management, full-stack development, and setup & maintenance of server infrastructure. Recent years included significant Larvel, Angular, and VueJS development experience.

I enjoy researching & learning new technologies, and am always looking for ways to optimize, improve and grow the projects I’m involved with.

I strive to develop the best possible solution on time and on budget, and am always available to discuss a new project - please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am open to discussing contract roles in technical team leadership, product management, and director-level engineering positions.