Removing Aptana's *.tmp files

Every developer knows and loves GREP, the great search utility available on all Unix-based systems; while it does a great job searching, the options are a little lacking. One such option is restricting the search to only specific file types/extension. Luckily that functionality can be easily wrapped up in a handy script.

Create the script file:

cd /bin sudo vim grepp

(You can name the script whatever you want, I named mine "grepp" for easier typing!)

Paste the following code:

grep $1 $(find . -name '\*.php' -or -name '\*.inc' -or -name '*.tpl')

(To search only .php, .inc and .tpl files.)

Save and quit:


Set the file permissions:

sudo chmod 0777 grepp

Run the script within any directory you'd like to search in:

grepp "foo bar"