Badbot updated to support all forms

Some time ago I released the Badbot module. This module introduced a new way of blocking spambots, and the community response has been incredbly positive. Quite simply: it works.

Unfortunately the 1.x version of Badbot only supported protecting the user registration form, and was not compatible with the dozens of other, equally vulnerable forms available for anonymous "consumption."


Module release: Badbot; eliminating spam once and for all

Every webmaster has encountered spam; from account registrations, to contact form submissions, spam bots are constantly on the prowl for new targets. The usual approach to combating such bots is with one of the many available captcha tools, but they are all far from perfect, and with the abundance of services that have warehouses full of real people entering captchas all day (for spam bots to then use), they are often rendered useless.

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