drupal 8

From Drupal 7 to Laravel 3 and over to Drupal 8

A few weeks ago I decided to rebuild this portfolio/blog site. The old site was running on Drupal 7, and I had long tired of the design; it was somewhat slow, too. Add to the mix a bit of boredom with the status quo and a desire to try something new and "lightweight," I downloaded the Laravel (v3) framework I'd been hearing so much about.


Drupal 8 - simple BB code pre-processing

As part of converting my site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, I ran into an issue with the core CKEditor not supporting <code> tags. The tags display fine after the intial node save, but get filtered out on subsequent node edits, regardless of the "Limit allowed HTML tags" option in the text format settings. Google turned up various discussions dating back to Drupal 6 days with this very issue, with finger pointing between Drupal, CK Editor module, and the CK Editor library itself. 


Drupal 8 - retrieving URI of current request

If you're used to relying on $_GET['q'] from Drupal 7 (& earlier), you might be in for a surprise with Drupal 8, as $_GET['q'] is no longer defined for any request. Instead, Drupal 8 ships with a series of helper functions:

current_path() - returns the internal Drupal path (ex. node/123)

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