removing aptana's .tmp* files

The Aptana Studio IDE (my drug of choice) generates hidden .tmp files whenever you edit a PHP or HTML file. These are used generate the HTML preview within the editor. For those of us who don't use the preview feature, these files can be a nuisance.

Preventing Aptana from creating these files is simple. All you need to do is set the "HTML/PHP Editor Mode" to "Source only" in the Aptana -> Editors -> HTML and Aptana -> Editors -> PHP sections within the preferences.

Alternatively, you can create a handy little script to manually remove all .tmp* files.

Create the script file:

cd /bin sudo vim aptana

Paste the following code:

find . -type f -name ".tmp*" -exec rm -f {} \;

Save and quit:


Set the file permissions:

sudo chmod 0777 aptana

Now just run the 'aptana' script from within any folder you'd like to "clean."

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